Cherry Blossom Festival 2017

Come and hear some beautiful shakuhachi in the Auburn Botanic Garden at 12pm, August 19th and 26th!Cherry_blossoms_in_Vancouver_3_crop

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One thought on “Cherry Blossom Festival 2017

  1. Hilary Bek

    Dear Bronwyn Kirkpatrick,
    I would very much like to hear you play the shakuhachi. I have been trying to find details of your performance on 19 and 26 August at Auburn Botanic Gardens but cannot find anything in the Cherry Blossom Festival program.
    Can you please confirm that you will be playing on both Saturdays? And will it be inside the Botanic Gardens (I haven’t been there before)? At the Harajuku stage?
    Many thanks,
    Hilary Bek


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