Recorded 2013. 70 min approx. Featuring traditional Zen Buddhist honkyoku and contemporary classical pieces by two Australian composers, Lachlan Skipworth and Kim Cunio.

  1. Hi Fu Mi (One, Two, Three)
  2. Shika no Tone (Distant Cry of Deer)
  3. Tsuru no Sugomori (Nesting of the Cranes)
  4. Daha (Pounding Wave)
  5. Shingetsu (Heart Moon)
  6. Hon Shirabe (Original Melody)
  7. Tamuke (Prayer for Safe Passage)
  8. Namu Amida Butsu (by Kim Cunio)
  9. Light Rain (by Lachlan Skipworth)
  10. Only the Ocean Knows (by Lachlan Skipworth)
AUSTRALIA: $25 + Postage


Track 5 Shingetsu is a traditional Zen Buddhist piece called a honkyoku.Track 9 Light Rain is a contemporary classical piece for shakuhachi and string quartet, composed by Australian composer Lachlan Skipworth.
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