Tsuki Bronwyn Kirkpatrick Shakuhachi



Tsuki Bronwyn Kirkpatrick Shakuhachi

Recorded 2019,
38min duration.

1. Tsuki (Moon)
2. Dusk
3. Uta (Song)
4. Awakening
5. Drifting
6. Exile
7. Lament
8. Yearning
9. Journey
10. Lullaby

These original compositions came about as a response to my shakuhachi students’ needs to have melodious and accessible pieces to practice, as a respite from the beautiful but sometimes challenging honkyoku (traditional Zen Buddhist pieces). Tsuki is also a meditation CD in its own right and can be used to support all forms of relaxation. Listen to Sound Cloud tracks below.

All of these compositions are available in kinko notation and can be purchased with or without the CD here.

If you would like to purchase the CD and/or Composition Pack as a download, please contact me and I will process your order.

Tsuki can also be purchased as a download at: https://bronwynkirkpatrick.bandcamp.com/album/tsuki

CD Australia & New Zealand: $25 + Postage

CD International: AU$25 + Postage

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1 thought on “月 TSUKI

  1. Gino Coca Mir

    Just bought music through Bandcamp. Beuatiful.
    I would very much like to buy the score and see how I fare.

    Let me know next steps,




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